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So you have an Automation Script, and you'd like to run it.

You already know how to test and debug the Script by playing it right in the Autopilot. Once you're ready to integrate automation into your process, consider running an Automation Job. The Job follows the Script, receives inputs, emits outputs and communicates the state change on the go.

Stay tuned for the ultimate scripting knowledge you need to turn any website into your API!

Here's what you're going to build

Download Autopilot Script

Feel free to open this file with Autopilot and explore, or start from scratch and code with us following the lessons.

Topics covered in this section

  • Automation Job Idea new Learn
  • Scripting with the Job Input in Mind updated Introduction Challenge
  • Web Data Extraction with Job Output updated Introduction Challenge
  • Tools: JavaScript Client Library in Use new Learn
  • Recap Learn