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Your project setup

Build a production-ready automation Script. You could do a standalone mini project per task or work on a single file with a context for each study. Change the URL to decide which challenge you want to automate. Your Script will include:

  • The <main> context with the navigate action that takes the URL of a challenge page.
  • A context for the task page in its initial state, before any interaction.
  • A success context to indicate the expected outcome of the automation.

Here's what you're going to build

Download Autopilot Script

Feel free to open this file with Autopilot and explore, or start from scratch and code with us following the lessons.

Topics covered in this section

  • Links and Buttons updated Introduction Challenge
  • Hiding behind the <iframe> new Introduction Challenge
  • Option Menu: Automating drop-down select lists updated Introduction Challenge
  • Form Fields updated Introduction Challenge
  • Recap Learn